Discovering the Hidden Gem: Where Is Secret Pizza Cosmopolitan?

Discovering the Hidden Gem: Where Is Secret Pizza Cosmopolitan?


Nestled within the bustling corridors of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas lies a culinary treasure that has intrigued foodies and travelers alike: Secret Pizza. This unmarked pizzeria has garnered a cult following for its delicious New York-style slices and the enigmatic allure of its location. If you're on a quest to uncover where Secret Pizza in The Cosmopolitan is, you're in for a delightful adventure.

Introduction to Secret Pizza

Before we embark on the journey to locate Secret Pizza, let's delve into what makes this spot so special., a name coined by patrons due to its unmarked entrance and hidden location, serves up authentic, thin-crust pizza by the slice or whole pies. Its casual, no-frills atmosphere contrasts with the glitzy vibes of The Cosmopolitan, offering a unique dining experience that focuses purely on quality and taste.

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The Quest for Secret Pizza

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: A Brief Overview

The Cosmopolitan is one of Las Vegas's most stylish and popular resorts, known for its luxurious accommodations, vibrant nightlife, and exceptional dining options. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, it offers an eclectic mix of experiences, from high-end shopping to world-class entertainment.

Unraveling the Mystery: Where to Find Secret Pizza

Finding Secret Pizza requires a bit of detective work, as there are no signs or directions publicly advertised. The journey begins on the third floor of The Cosmopolitan, in the area known as The District. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate:

  1. Head to the Third Floor: Use the elevators or escalators to reach the third floor of The Cosmopolitan, where The District is located.
  2. Look for the Record Store: Near the Jaleo restaurant, you'll find a vintage record store. This is your first clue that you're on the right path.
  3. Follow the Hallway: Adjacent to the record store is an unassuming hallway adorned with album covers. This corridor, though discreet, leads directly to Secret Pizza.
  4. Arrival: At the end of the hallway, the aroma of freshly baked pizza welcomes you to your destination. Congratulations, you've found Secret Pizza!

What to Expect at Secret Pizza

Once you've uncovered Secret Pizza, prepare to indulge in some of the best pizza Las Vegas has to offer. The menu is straightforward, featuring classic toppings and a selection of beverages to complement your meal. The pizzeria's ambiance is reminiscent of a New York City slice shop, with a few tables and a counter for quick dining. It's the perfect spot for a late-night snack or a casual meal with friends.

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Insider Tips for Visiting Secret Pizza

To make the most of your Secret Pizza experience, consider these insider tips:

  • Avoid Peak Hours: Secret Pizza can get quite busy, especially late at night. Try visiting during off-peak hours for a shorter wait time.
  • Explore the Menu: While the classic cheese and pepperoni slices are fantastic, don't be afraid to try the other varieties available.
  • Take It To Go: If the seating area is full, consider taking your pizza to go and enjoying it elsewhere in The Cosmopolitan or on the Strip.

Conclusion: A Must-Visit for Pizza Aficionados

Secret Pizza in The Cosmopolitan is more than just a place to eat; it's an experience that embodies the excitement and mystery of Las Vegas. Finding it is part of the fun, and the reward is a delicious slice of pizza that rivals some of the best New York pizzerias. Whether you're a local or a tourist, make sure to add Secret Pizza to your Las Vegas itinerary for a unique and memorable dining adventure.

Remember, the journey to discover Secret Pizza is as delightful as the destination itself. Enjoy the search, and bon app├ętit!