Privacy Policy

Effective as of 23/01/2024


Welcome to Captain6, a culinary haven where flavors meet privacy. Our Privacy Policy is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding your personal data. We believe in transparency and are dedicated to protecting your privacy while you enjoy our delectable offerings.

Navigational Information

We track your digital footprints (like IP address and browsing behavior) on our website, not to intrude but to understand how to better cater to your culinary interests and enhance your website experience.

The Role of Cookies

Our website, just like our kitchen, uses cookies. These digital ingredients help in remembering your preferences, ensuring a more personalized and efficient online experience.

Collaboration with Third-Parties

To spice up our service, we sometimes collaborate with external parties. Whether it's for website maintenance or marketing, they access your information only to perform specific tasks and are bound by confidentiality.

Security: Our Top Recipe

Protecting your data is akin to safeguarding our secret recipes. We take serious measures, but as the digital world is ever-evolving, absolute security is a challenging feat.

External Links

Our website may guide you to other culinary adventures (external links). While we choose them carefully, their privacy practices are outside our kitchen, and we advise you to read their policies.

Policy Updates

Just like our menu, our Privacy Policy might evolve. Changes will be served up on this page, keeping you informed of our latest practices.

Reach Out to Us

Questions, concerns, or suggestions? We're all ears. Contact us at (702) 551-1090, and let's talk privacy over a meal!